Vienna waits for you.

Vienna is the capital city of Austria in the middle of Europe.


Conference Topics

  • Water transmittable pathogens
  • Survival, persistence, transport, fate and occurrence
  • Epidemiology of water associated diseases
  • Catchment protection
  • Microbial source tracking
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • Water treatment and disinfection
  • Modelling and prediction
  • QMRA, decision analysis, water safety plans and surveillance
  • Biostability
  • Criteria, standards, surveillance and monitoring
  • Metagenome, microbiome and community analysis
  • Recreational water and health
  • Water reuse and health concerns
  • Water, food and health
  • Tools and measures supporting water and sanitation in developing countries
  • Water management in disaster situations and extreme events

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